Ms. Lindsey Vertner

In 2007, a “fatal” car wreck left Lindsey Vertner brain dead and paralyzed. Medical experts were amazed at Lindsey’s miraculous recovery. She uses her unparalleled perspective to push her clients toward success in their personal and professional lives. Lindsey’s expertise teaches millennial moms and start-up entrepreneurs how to master their mindset and balance their life through self-care, self-worth, and self-discipline (the “3 Pillars of Self”).
As an award-winning peak potential strategist, transformational speaker, and 2X Amazon #1 best-selling author, Lindsey’s mission is to teach women around the world how to create their First Class Life full of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness.

Two things that stuck out in Lindsey’s interview were:

  1. The traumatic experience that led her to her purpose and to who she is today
  2. Her tip on how being faithful can change your life

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